The Problem

People everywhere are losing efficiency and productivity after a night out. Even on normal days people are not as sharp and energetic as they should be.

Frustrated Student
Happy Students

The Target

Our target is anyone who wants to be at maximum efficiency every day, without sacrificing their social life. The problem is prevalent in college students.

Our solution is about finding a balance

Hangover Cure

We have implemented a complex formula of electrolytes and vitamins to cure hangovers when consumed. This means you can go out for a drink with friends no matter what tasks you have the next day!

Stay sharper throughout the day

We implemented a cognitive primer into caid through nootropics to keep you focused and productive throughout the day. It offers similar benefits to adderall without the "stimmed out" feeling


Assuming you want to stay ultra-productive, we understand it is very hard to cook enough meals to get every essential nutrient. For this reason we added a multi vitamin so daily users can meet their nutritional goals while on the go!

Testimonials - hear what our customers are saying!

Derek Verkleeren


As an engineering student, I frequently found myself missing out on nights out with my friends due to my busy schedule. With CAID I could go out at night with my friends, and get back to my difficult coursework the next day

Based on a survey of 500 college students

College Students

Feel as though they miss out on productivity after a night out.

College Students

Feel generally lazy on a daily basis

College Students

Admit that they either do not have time or do not feel like cooking enough to get recommended nutrients

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